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The Crafts In Customized Picture Bags

People then and now are really fond with the evolution of technology, especially the time when the camera came in. Its product still photo caters to the sentimental ones capturing memories for the years to come. Normally, the memories are stored either in photo album or in glassy picture frames.

Then, evolution happened; designers were able to print those photographs in mugs and platters. Next, comes the taste for fashion, they made the pictures appear in shirts, as well as in handkerchiefs among a number of items.

But of course, for the females who never dare to go out of the trends, pictures were specially customized until it was printed too in their constant companion bags.

The female fashion icons, if you will notice, are often seen ramping in the city street’s catwalk nowadays with their stylish bags matched with eye catching prints. It is very seldom that you will see women carrying the usual absurdly priced ready made bags. And this evolution made them live happily since then.

Verily, today’s bags are far fashionable, the evolution of its customization have expanded more shoppers’ choices. The printing of pictures on it didn’t just add up to its attractiveness. Also, it serves the purpose for the sappy people’s bizarre imagination.

No wonder, bags with pictures are one with the hottest sales figures in the market nowadays, the singled out fashion accessories the custom tote bags.

Custom tote bags are presented in the chic form enh hilfiger uk anced with buttons, daring colors, strange zippers, more pockets, spare elongated handles, and of course the colorful imprints of cool and famous characters; while the others have animal pictures or prints.

More so, the best thing about these custom tote bags is that it is not only confined for fashion sake’s purpose. These bags are likewise utilized by a number of companies in their promotional marketing.

Since tote bags are being imprinted, these companies perceived this as an excellent mode to wave their companies logos; tote bags for them are great for promotional campaigns. Most often, these printed tote bags are being utilized as reception handouts at trade shows, conferences, seminars and the like.

Not just that, these tote bags are also great as a present for your love ones, in their birthday and in hilfiger uk some other special occasions. You can make a masterpiece out of an ordinary tote bag if you will be a little pickier. You can print your love one’s name on the tote bag, if you want something more glamorous, you can have his or her picture printed on it too.

Also, you are given the chance to design your own craft, you can choose the materials and form and order your own design. Y hilfiger uk ou are free to apply what you have conceptualized. The outsized print part will surely hold out some sort of design.

Since it is in great demand, there are a good number of stores that offer and focus in this service. And as you go there, be sure that you already have with you the design that you want. Typically, the stores are the ones that already pro hilfiger uk vide the materials, but if you think your design is a bit strange and would be requiring a rare material, it will be better if you will be the one to provide it.

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The Craftaholic Homeschooling Mommy

First step is to cut your tulle, sor hilfiger uk ry forgot to photo. You will need to determine how long you need it on your bag.

Now that all your tulle is cut you need to pin the hilfiger uk tulle onto hilfiger uk the bag. I started with the pink tulle on the front and the middle. Fold your tulle strip in half and pin it to the bag as shown above. Be sure that your pin is lower than where you will sew that way you don have to take them out as you sew. For the pink I put 5 strips on the front and finished the rest in purple. I am trying to mimic Rapunel dress colors on this bag.

Next, put your bag onto your sewing machine and zig zag stitch all the way around. This bag was on the small size and barely fit onto my machine but I was able to make it work.

Here my bag sewn and pins removed, it looking cute!

Finally, all you have to do is hot glue on the finishing touches. I alread hilfiger uk y had some sequin headband that actually fit the bag perfectly. So I slipped the headband onto the bag and hot glued it down.