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The Craft Room

OK, this one isn so new as I made one before, right back when I learnt to crochet at the start of the year (see here), but I just finished another one, and it is a bag, so I figure I can add it to my bag list : )

This one is for my niece birthday in a few weeks time. She saw the one I made my sister and requested one of her own for her birthday.

It actually a little bit smaller than the original. I misread the pattern at the very beginning so there were fewer stitches in each round, but since it for a little person anyway we just pretend that I did that on purpose!

One finished owl bag ready to wrap and post : )

It been a long time coming, but finally, I finished my blanket : )

I started this one for a charity project Hook Up With The Crafty Bums. can read more about it on the Crafty Bums blog, or join in the chat and see photos of other blankets so far on the Hook Up Facebook page.

It was a good excuse to try out the crochet diagonal pattern I been given a link to. It on a French blog but translated into English here. It actually pretty easy once you get started as you doing the same thing over and over til you get to the middle and then decreasing the same over and over until you get to the end. The worst bit is towards the centre. The rows get really long and it gets really tedious, and it feels like it will never end. It a bit like a steam train chugging up a really steep hill and towards the top it goes so slowly it hilfiger uk almost stops, but then when you reach the top it starts to go f hilfiger uk aster and faster until you get to the end!

Changing colour every row also leads to a lot of ends. A lot! So to save me sewing in millions of ends I was left with I chose to add a border instead t hilfiger uk hat did the job for me.

I glad it finally finished and I looking forward to seeing it alongside all the other pretty blankets donated : )

This is my creation of Hoot from ABC4Kids Giggle and Hoot!

Whilst we found most children TV in Australia to be the same as the UK, Giggle and Hoot were new to us and W has become a big Hoot fan!

I so pleased with how he turned out he great : )

I found the pattern for him on another blog here. It was actually finding this pattern online at the end of last year that made me say I have to have another go at crochet as I need to make it!

I got another owl half made I can wait to hilfiger uk see the two of them together!!

Having to post Easter gifts my nieces and nephew from overseas this year means they got to be non edible, so after much thinking and internet browsing I came across these to make little baskets just big enough to fit a few little Easter eggs, and something they can play with with their dolls/dinosaurs after.

Aren they pretty!

I made them one each and one for W, all in their favourite colours.

Of course it wouldn be right to photograph them without the eggs in (I send some money for eggs to refill them once they arrive), so I might have just had a mini Easter egg feast, maybe .

Today I had my first bash at blocking, which I told is the art of turning your wibbly wobbly crooked stuff into the shape it meant to be a kind of “you will be this shape whether you like it or not” technique.

The project I blocking is going to be a present for Mother Day, so I keen to get it finished and in the post asap. It going to be a Happy Flower Decoration, and I used this tutorial from Attic24 to make it. So I set about with a towel and some pins straightening the once curly and cactus looking thing into a nice straight flower and stem with leaves.

Next came the fun part PVA glue! In true Art Attack/Mister Maker stylee, no homemade project is complete without PVA glue and it abilitly to stiffen/coat/ dry clear. I went out to the shops this morning especially to get some. I should perhaps have continued reading the instructions a bit further and noted I was also meant to have a paintbrush but oh well, I wasn putting it off any longer so the nozzle on the glue bottle and my fingers would just have to do!

hilfiger uk The Cozy Comfort Microwave See

The Cozy Comfort Microwave Seed Bags

Suffering with Arthritis due to lupus I’ve come to rely on products that are great for easing the pain associated with it. I relish in the simple easy to use products that help me on a daily basis. The product that I’ve found to be the best is called microwave heating bags. These are great! They are stuffed with flax seeds and are sectioned into three pockets so the seeds stay evenly distributed and therefore the heat is evenly distributed. I used mine every night and during the day. I’m always warming it up and using it either to keep warm during the cold winters or to apply it to my aching joints.

The other morning I woke up with a kink in my neck and heated up the extra big bag I have and by the time the bag had cooled down (about an hour) I had no more pain! I am in love with my seed bags.

The great thing about these bags is that they aren’t just for aches and pains but they are also great for keeping warm in the winter. It makes it economical to be able to turn the heat down a little and use the bag to keep warm. It warms my bed every night in a jiffy.

They are also great for keeping cool in the summer as you can put it in the freezer! Also coming out of the freezer is great for swelling and aches and pains too. I find that I have to keep one in the freezer and one for my heating so that I can alternate for whatever needs I have.

This site that I have gotten mine from offers not just seed bags and matching ones for the freezer but they offer smaller bags for kids. The owwie bags for children are wonderful, as sometimes we just can’t offer enough comfort for our little ones. These cute owwie bags have little ears on them and are done with kid friendly patterns. They can make a great cuddle friend and bed warmer for your child and are very safe to use. There are no cords and no electrical outlets needed so you can rest assured that they would be safe. These bags are filled with flax seeds so they are super soft and if accidentally ingested it won’t harm them. They don’t smell when heated like so many other bags that are stuffed with rice, wheat, oats, and corn. I love it!

They also sell layette warmers. This was truly ingenious! How often are you rocking your baby to sleep and go to set them down and the shock of the cold sheets on their body is enough to wake them up? It’s so true, babies love warmth. They came up with a great idea of making small lightweight bags that can be warmed in the microwave and placed in the baby’s bed. Once you are ready to set the baby down just remove the bag and you’ve got a nice cozy warm place to set the baby. They come in beautiful patterns and all their bags have the option of having a removable cover so that washing is a breeze. You can also wrap the bag up in a blanket and after a few minuets you have a nice toasty warm blanket to wrap your baby in. Just pull out the bag and the blanket is super warm and cozy.

I also loved the little touches this company offers. They have great ideas like mug and teapot wa hilfiger uk rmers. You can get small square ones so that you can warm them up and place your mug or teapot on it to keep your mug warm and in turn it keeps the hilfiger uk bag warm. You can even get a cinnamon and clove scent added so that the heat will bring out the scent. These are just the neatest things!

I love the different size bags available! You can get an extra large bag called “The Big Cozy” which is extra long so that it can fit comfortably around your neck and not fall off, so you can move around the house without worrying about it slipping off. They have a large bag, which is their st hilfiger uk andard one, and then they have a medium bag, which is a bit smaller for those, that want a lighter weight bag. Then there are their owwie bags and small kid size bags, which are great for kids. They will even do custom fitting for you. If there is a custom bag you need or want they will work with you to come up with an idea or size that is good for you.

This is a small but growing business, they hand make all their products and often will sell other products that are made by others.

This company is run by a single mom and a lady with a chronic illness so I love the idea of supporting women who are working hard to make a living.

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