tommy hilfiger The Celine Handbag is HOTT

The Celine Handbag is HOT

This in from Saks Fifth Avenue’s couture guru Greg Seitter:

This Celine handbag is the hottest bag in Philly right now and it’s blowing off the shelves at the Bala Cynwyd Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s available in black tommy hilfiger , chocolate brown, navy, red and orange as well as different sizes and textures including black python. (That sounds hot.)

Says Seitter: “Wear it during the day with blue jeans and a blazer or black leggings and an oversize cardigan. You can also wear it for evening with black pants and a fabulous top or an amazing black dress.”

Sounds like good advice from an expert. What do you think about the bag? Looks pretty regular to me.

Celine fans may be interested in seeing the designer’s Spring 2011 collection, that Phoebe Philo debuted yesterday in Paris yesterday. Very minimalist. Much like local fashion fave Nicole Miller’s grouping that debuted last month.

In other Bala Cynwyd Saks news, Seattle bred designer Chris Benz known for his slouchy, yet sophisticated women’s wear who is often referred to as a modern day Armani except for his use o tommy hilfiger f color will he in town Wednesday, Oct. 6, for a Girls Night Out event. Think light bites and bubbily. Tickets are $30 at the door. Benz will be back on Nov. 16 at the Philadelphia Country Club for a charity luncheon and to present his spring 2011 fashion show. Tickets are $150. For more information, call Dorothy at 610 277 1860 ext. 101. Laurel House feeds, clothes and shelters women who are victims of domestic violence.

I TMm a Libra so tommy hilfiger I TMm all about pretty things. We of the scales sign know what we like, and our standards are high.

So I can TMt help but love fashion ” one day I will get that Diane von Furstenberg wrap and those Christian Louboutin shoes.

And fragrances? My favorite right now is Chanel Mademoiselle. As for makeup, can we say MAC?

So let TMs thank the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, that a true fashionista can find everything she needs right here in Philly.

I TMve covered fashion here for six years, and I have traveled to New York, Los Angeles and Paris to write about local and national designers. Let me tell you, there is no place where people wear midnight Eag tommy hilfiger les green or Phillies red with such wild abandon as they do on the west side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

tommy hilfiger The Celebs Beauty Awards winne

The Celebs Beauty Awards winners

What we were looking for.

We’re tough judges here at the Celebs beauty team but we’re realists too. There’s no eye cream in the world that’s going to do the same job as a sneaky nip ‘n tuck on your bags or put Botox out of business when it comes to erasing crow’s feet overnight. Then again, we do think a decent eye cream should visibly soften fine lines, and leave your skin looking brighter and fresher.

Ooh you’re a hard lot to please. We don’t blame you plenty of beauty companies are guilty of over hyping their eye formulas, which means women get rightly peeved when that titchy pot of cream fails to erase the effects of a lifetime of smiling and frowning. As we expected, we didn’t find any product that wowed every single person who tried it, and we had a lot of so so (and downright disgruntled) feedback on this category, but at least that made it easier to spot the products that delivered results for most testers.



Anti Ageing Eye Creams Image 4

Virgin Vie Minim Eyes Wrinkle Decreasing Eye Treatment, 22.50

This only squeezed into the premium category by a couple of quid but it outperformed some much pricier opposition. Testers liked the hydrating texture (a few thought it gave an instantly cool, even tingly feel, but it wasn’t unpleasant) but the big draw had to be the wrinkle reducing effects.

Among its new fans is Nancy Hamilton from Falkirk, who tells us: ‘The texture was lovely cool and you could feel it working right away. My lines and wrinkles were much less noticeable, I really liked it.’

Elaine Keogh from Lancs adds: ‘Occasionally I felt a “fresh” feel about it, as if it was making my eye area wide awake. As soon as I applied it there was a difference to the fine lines and by the end of the trial they had become less noticeable. It was the best eye cream I’ve ever used, please let me know the name. I would like to buy it.’

Final word goes to Karen Lewendon of W Sussex: ‘This suited my skin. It improved my fine lines effects noticeable after two weeks. I’ve got bad eye bags and have s tommy hilfiger een improvement here also this cream helped reduce puffiness.’

Anti Ageing Eye Creams Image 3

Skin Nutrition Eye Reconditioning Serum, 70

We couldn’t separate this product from Virgin Vie in terms of how well it reduc tommy hilfiger ed wrinkles, although it’s a very different product. Testers commented that it was more of a ‘jelly’ than a cream so it didn’t do well because of its pampering abilities. Nope, where it won votes was for its anti ageing results.

Results like those seen by Hazel Sullivan from Lincs, who tells us: ‘My lines were much less visible and after two weeks my eyes appeared to be more awake. My eye area is firmer and plumper, fine lines less noticeable and crow’s feet seemed to be less severe.’ (She didn’t like the texture though.)

Joan Pritchard from N Wales, however, found the gel formula ‘cooling and pleasant’, especially in the mornings. ‘I noticed a difference to fine lines within a week of using the cream,’ she reports. ‘My skin is firmer and plumper, and my eyes look bigger than when I started using the product. I can’t imagine not using this product again, I

hope you will tell me what this mystery magical product is.’

And Jeni Dickinson from W Yorks liked the way you could really feel this product working instantly. ‘You can feel the skin tightening up as soon as you put the cream on, then feel softer immediately and, all in all, my eyes look hea tommy hilfiger lthier,’ she reckons. And there were longer term benefits too: ‘It was about three weeks when I noticed the fine lines had become less visible.’Anti Ageing Eye Creams Image 2

MD Formulations Vit A Plus Anti Aging Eye Complex, 45

This product certainly stood out in more ways than one. It has a distinctive yellow colour which put some people off and it certainly didn’t win votes for being an aesthetically pleasing product. But the fact so many testers were prepared to overlook its odd appearance because the results were so good is extremely telling indeed.

Louise Thomas from Dorset went way beyond the call of duty when testing her product: ‘I used it on one eye only to see if there was really a difference and there certainly was fantastic! But now I have to use it for a month on the other eye to get them both the same! My wrinkles have reduced and my skin does definitely feel plumper compared to my other eye. Tell me what it is, it’s fab.’

Averil Cadour from London also gave it top marks for wrinkle reduction, saying: ‘Fine lines appeared well hydrated, less noticeable I can see the difference. There has also been a slight improvement in dark circles. I love the feel of it too, excellent absorption.’

What really impressed Diane Skidmore from Sheffield was the overall improvement she saw to her eye area. ‘Fine lines looked less visible in two and a half weeks and I’ve seen a reduction in darkness under my eyes. I h tommy hilfiger aven’t had to use any extra under eye make up!’