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The Cat is Out of the Bag

We in America are just beginning to understand what the phrase “Letting the cat out of the bag” is all about. This idiom means that a secret has been somehow accidentally disclosed, and in America’s case, the secret has dire ramifications.

The phrase has been traced back to around the middle ages where dishonest farmers would sell piglets packaged in opaque, black bags that you couldnt see through. But there were no piglets in the bags . . . there were cats! Which were much less expensive than piglets. So, if a cat accidentally got tommy hilfiger out of a bag, the jig was up and the treachery would be revealed.

Since we are just waking up to the disclosure of this secret, there are the normal knee jerk reactions that one would expect. Having our eyes forced open always is painful we would surely prefer to remain asleep.

Today, we in America have seen the cat sneak out of the bag, and now we know that our bag of piglets, which we thought would sustain us, is worthless. Worse than that, we see that our imaginary bag of piglets, that on which we had pinned all hopes, can never be replaced.

Globalization has sneaked up on us, surreptitiously to say the least. Didn’t even see it coming. How did we lose our jobs and why is our pay so poor? What happened to all the benefits we used to get? Maybe we were too busy watching NASCAR, American Idol, and the NFL to pay much attention. But here we are.

Globalization is rendering our Anglo domination impotent. It’s a losing battl tommy hilfiger e. It will be a brown world in the very near future. As of 2008, in America there were about 228 million Caucasians, about 70 million Latinos, and about 100 million other races (counting unreported, estimated illegal immigrants). That’s getting real close to 50 50.

Manning borders with electronic surveillance, fences, guard dogs and soldiers will end up being a colossal waste of money, no different from the Iraq war. Lots of money and deficit spending questionable results.

It is the minorities who will rule the country, and are already doing so in their below the radar, quiet, unassuming, get things done whatever it takes under the table postures that are thwarting legislative attempts to bring everything back to “normal.”

tommy hilfiger Actually, a mingling of cultures and ethnicity is what has and will revitalize an America that is deteriorating into infantile arguments over flag burning and which white party will rule the country.

Open borders will more or less rule the future, simply because it is impossible to close them. And police states, where everyone of color is stopped and asked for identification, simply won’t be tolerated. After all, this is America where the constitution guarantees freedoms. And business certainly doesn’t want closed borders or police states, so neither will happen.

In the not too distant future there will be a tremendous shortage of labor in this country as Baby Boomers age and the sparse generations following cant fill their numerous shoes. Without immigrants, legal or otherwise, current Baby Boomers, teenagers, and everyone else will be begged to work for labor starved businesses.

So the influx of minorities will be overwhelming, changing the political landscape of America forever.

Political parties foolish enough not to look ahead and instead keep their heads buried regarding the reality of demographics will be left in the dust. On which side is the Mexican population, the African American population, tommy hilfiger the Asian population? This is the side of the future.

It’s a losing battle to continue to push for family values, biblically correct sexual orientation, race values, religious values or national values in the face of the new realities of globalization. We can’t seal up our borders and transport ourselves back into the white 60s. That’s like trying to grab a handful of water. No matter how much we might protest or demonstrate in the streets, the reality of the pressure of globalization will trump any legislative efforts we might produce. You can’t stop this river from rising, short of all out nuclear war and self annihilation.

If a country is wealthy and large, it will be a natural target for those less fortunate. And those less fortunate are not less intelligent. On the contrary, they are usually more intelligent (and more motivated) and will find all kinds of ways to circumvent any attempt to regulate the population. Trying to hold onto idealistic values such as family cohesiveness, correct sexual orientation, nationalism, race superiority and religious conformity reflects a nostalgia of decades ago when the country and the world was much smaller and uninformed.

The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and there is no going back. Modalities that worked once upon a time, such as industrial capitalism dedicated to an isolated and small national scene, and a naive ideology that nothing will ever change in our secure little world, are outdated and slowly being replaced by a new reality; the reality that a radical ideology of no ideology will rule the future. In other words, throw out the rule books, things are going to change drastically, and anyone or organization getting in the way will be simply trampled.

Like it or not, all the divisiveness we now see regarding such things as abortion, gay rights, pot legalization, religious arguments, you name it, will be tiny ripples on a world pool, no longer relevant in the broad scope of globalization. It can’t help but move in this direction because that will be the natural flow of things.

Conservatives will fight tooth and nail from now on out, condemned to a life of living hell, by trying to shore up a large dam that is leaking in more and more places and destined to break open at any moment.

This trend itself falls directly into the laps of liberals. Liberals can see this all coming and they know it can’t be stopped, so they are making every attempt to soften the blow.

There will be many more Tea Parties and worse, I fear, as the rhetoric heats up and people wrap them selves around a flag of outdated beliefs. But in time, there will be change. It’s inevitable.

The stages of death are said to be: Grief/denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Unfortunately we are merely in the first and second rounds regarding immigration. The reality of all of this has not yet come home to roost. Some still believe that they can continue to control things, and that they can bring it all back to the way it was.

So we will have a period of intense anger and disbelief about what is about to happen, maybe even going as far as states rights activists and their militias blowing up federal buildings or whatever, and attempting to take over the government by force. But eventually the dawning will come that this is too big to control, regardless of who is in “power,” and then there will be the bargaining stage, trying to preserve the last semblances of days gone by.

A new world is coming. Will it be a world of fighting, separation, greed and hatred for one another, or have we already gone through that stage? Are we learning anything, or will it all end in ten thousand mushroom clouds, one for every neighborhood?

It’s really up to each one of us. We can either start up a militia (live by the gun, die by the gun roads taken always indicate destinations), or be intelligent and understand ourselves, and our inflated egos. But as stated above, these things will go their own way, and the resulting karma will, as usual, unerringly reflect the results of our actions, every one of them.

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The Cat is in the Bag

Accompanied by translator Manuela Spinelli, Trappatoni’s press briefings were ocassionally hilarious and sometimes bewildering as he mixed languages to a bizarre and comedic effect.

The press and public were often left at a loss to what exactly the manager meant even when his words were being translated.

“Around 18 months ago I was contacted by Roma and they wanted me as their Coach. It wasn’t the first time I had been close to the Giallorossi, but the negotiations did not end with a positive outcome. In all honesty, it disappointed me a little, because Roma are a great club with passionate fans.”

On the lack of league in Ireland

“In Ireland there is no league. Our players play in England. In Sweden and Austria they have league. This is different.”

After qualification for the Euros

“The cat is in the sack, but the sack is not closed, the cat is in it, but its open and it’s a wild cat”

On staying on as Ireland manager during Euro2012

“For me, the answer, it’s as if I was 20. I am fresh in head, and, above all, I am hungry for the new situation.

On Kevin Doyle

“I love Doyle. As a player, not a man. I love women . without doubt.”

After drawing tommy hilfiger with England at Wembley

“These teams with the great players is very, very important. Then again, good moments, enthusiasm. This draw for me is good.

On Andy Reid’s exclusion from the Ireland team

“I have nothing against any pla tommy hilfiger yer, they are all like my children. I just want a solid team with a good balance that plays international football. Like this table, with its legs, you have to be solid. Andy has very good qualities but not necessarily what we need.”

On growing older but his maintaining his enthusiasm to stay on as Ireland manager

“I always want to know new things, get to know new things that I didn’t know tommy hilfiger before. That is important. There are many important situations, the psychology. The general said it’s an old man who isn’t curious about the next news. I think I’m like a 20 year old, with more experience.”

On his reluctance to play Wes Hoolahan

“We have already said that we couldn’t play with three, four or five strik tommy hilfiger ers when away. Austria showed us in Dublin that they are not a second or third rate side. They are a tough team and we need balance. Hoolahan is more like a striker and usually plays behind striker for his club”

Other favourites from the tenure include:

“That’s the only way he knows how to play”

“A positive result is essential even if the season is young.”

“I always say that in addition to being a coach, I’m also a priest. I go to each player’s room and say who is playing and who isn’t. I talk and explain. It’s a little like confession.”