hilfiger uk The Century Body Opponent Bag

The Century Body Opponent Bag

Since you’ve found this article, you’re probably trying really hard to figure out whether you should buy the Century Body Opponent Bag (also referred to as BOB or BOB XL) or if you’re better off with an ordinary punching bag / heavy bag. I know how you’re feeling since I already own the Body Opponent Bag XL (BOB XL), but it is quite expensive compared with an ordinary heavy bag, so it is quite a big decision.

Since I own the BOB, since I’m a martial artist myself, and since we use the ordinary punching bags in my club, I can easily outline the differences and the strengths and weaknesses of both of them.

The main difference between the Body Opponent Bag and an ordinary punching bag, is of course the look and feel. It feels almost like hitting a real person (the BOB is about the same size as a XL human opponent, but you can adjust the height easily), but also. it moves. Just a little, but enough to make you think you’re sparring with one of your friends, and not just hitting on a ‘dead’ piece of cloth.

The Century Body Opponent Bag comes in two different variations. There’s the BOB (without the groin) and the BOB XL.

Personally I could not imagine not having the groin area for roundhouse kicks etc, but if you’re a boxer, you could probably do fine without. An hilfiger uk d that is really the only difference between the two.

The Body Opponent Bag is grea hilfiger uk t for martial artists, since it let’s you practice chokes, head locks, finger punches, clinches and if you do not use gloves, you’ll be hardening your hands and legs, while hilfiger uk delivering kicks and punches.

If I have to mention one negative about the Century BOB Body Opponent Bag (XL) though, I guess it is the fact that once you fill it with sand, if it’s not 100% dry, it’s very hard to empty the BOB, if you need to transport it to another location. And if the base is filled with sand, it is VERY heavy. Just keep it in a dry place, and you’ll be fine.

I hope you’re now one step close to make the decisio hilfiger uk n, whether or not the Century Body Opponent Bag might be for you.