hilfiger uk The Chargers’ PR Director Writ

The Chargers’ PR Director Writes A Bitchy Letter To Chargers Fans

That’s an odd h hilfiger uk eadline to see on an official team site that usually just runs straight, boring news stories about the Chargers.

“Take A Chill Pill” was written by the team’s director of public relations, and it is a hilariously bitchy letter to Chargers fans who are doubting the team’s championship mettle after last week’s embarrassing loss to Denver. Here is how the letter begins:

Now get over it. It was a loss. One loss.

Listening to some of you out there, you’d think Monday night was “win or go home” and the Chargers are hilfiger uk now packing their bags.

“The Chargers are finished. Done,” said one scribe.

Another wrote, “Bye, bye Chargers. Put a fork in them.”

Sometimes I think Twitter was invented to give people a chance to puff out their chests and talk big, saying things they never would s hilfiger uk ay to someone’s face.

Yeah, what is with you people? If you want to talk shit about your team, don’t hilfiger uk do it on Twitter like a coward. Drive all the way down to the team’s practice facility and tell them they suck to their face.