tommy hilfiger the cat got out of the bag

the cat got out of the bag

I really like this guy. And I havn’t told anyone. Except for my one friend. Well sh tommy hilfiger e asked him what he thought of me, and his resonse was ” shes pretty hot”. loved that. But word got around, and she ended up telling a whole bunch of p tommy hilfiger eople that I liked him, and I found out from another girl that I was their “class discustion” one period because my friend kept on telling him how I liked him so much. I hate when people think I like them when I don’t know if they like me or not. :( so now he knows I like him. My friend asked him if he’d ever go out with me, and he said yea if he got talking to me. I just really want to go out with him. So many people say hes so sweet and nice. But we never really talk. :( I mean, we kinda talked before, but it wasn’t like a long conversation. And if he thinks I’m “hot” then why wont he at LEAST talk to me online? He has my screen name. He said he got it from some girl.Can someone help me out here? I really like him, and I hate it when people know I like them. I usually always play hard to get. But I’m not sure if he likes me or not. And if he does, why wont he talk to me!?IM sure he likes you or at least wants to get to know you. Now that the cat is out of the bag you need to take advantage of it. The best way would tommy hilfiger be to tell him your sorry that your friend started talking about this. That will open the door for him to say that its OK or ask you if you do like him. You can lead into getting to know each other with this and from there its up to both of you to make it a friendship or more.He is doing what your doing, playing it cool so he can’t just start talking to you. As you said, you have chated with him on line and he did take the time to find your screen name. He opened the door and the way it sounds you didn’t walk in.Just remember. When your getting to know a Guy think of him as a friend not a Boyfri tommy hilfiger end. That way your just talking to a friend and you can be relaxed and above all be yourself.