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The catalogs of Japanese vintage bicycle

The bicycle was equipped with the “front derailleur which was distributed by DNB as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products”, Suntour Skitter rear derailleur, and “Sugino DJI chain wheel which was composed of steel cottered cranks and aluminum sprocket”.

It was a fast riding model for beginner.

The frame was a die casting product which was a str tommy hilfiger ong point of Bridgestone.

Head light was BS original which was similar to JOS. The wheel size was “27 1 1/4″ which was a standard of fast riding model in those days.

Due to reasonable price, Hub was not quick release type but wing nut type.

However, it was Huret Looks. How amazing it was!

This bicycle was announced as a professional Randonneur. The style and specification were not bad.

A high grade bicycle which was made in Japan in those days was equipped with many imported parts.

Young people might not be able to realize that.

The function of domestic parts in those days such as hub, brake, and derailleur were still not enough.

This bicycle was equipped with Normandy hub, Huret Looks wing nut, Mafac criterium brake, Mafac guidonnet brake lever.

All of those parts were made i tommy hilfiger n France, had good reputation in those days.

The chain wheel was Sugino Frontier Ace Triple which had aluminum cranks and exchangeable inner and outer sprocket.

It was functional product of those days. The rear derailleur was a double wires type Suntour Competition Twin.

The headlight was a bullet shape type of BS original and tommy hilfiger had twin lights. And the tail had a light bulb.

Rear carrier for the pannier bags and toe clips were standard equipments.

You could go for a “long distance trip” as soon as you bought it.

Spee tommy hilfiger d Japan was a typical professional bicycle of Maruishi of those days.

The catalog was saying that “if you remove the fender and the kick stand from the frame, you can use the bicycle for a competition immediately”.

It was similar to Clubman model of England.

This bicycle was also equipped with several imported parts such as Normandy hub, Simplex Prestige derailleur, Weinmann center pulled brake, TA bottle.