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The Celtics have become the Rodney Dangerfield of the Boston sports scene

I know a lot of you are spending time boning up on MLB obstruction rule Section 2.00 and trying to figure out which Patriots team will show up from half to half. But, I’ve got a couple of questions for you.

Do you think Vitor Faverani can be a double double guy in the middle?

All of our attention is on October baseball and the Pats still winning despite the injuries story and the Bruins solid s tommy hilfiger tart (except for the egg on Saturday night against NJ).

The Celtics have no Doc, no KG, no Paul Pierce and no chance to win a championship.

So sp tommy hilfiger orts fans in New England will let coach Brad Stevens and company play in obscurity. Do what you can boys. Don’t win too much if you want one of those high draft picks next year.

I hate every move the Celtics made in the off season. Paul Pierce should finished his career in a green uniform. I wanted another year of KG energy. I l tommy hilfiger oved Doc’s honest post game press conferences. They should have been able to work it all out.

Now it’s Faverani (a 7 footer from Brazil) and Brooks and Gerald Wallace, Keith Bogans, Phil Pressey stop me if you’ve heard enough no names.

The team that brought you Cousy, Havlicek, Russell, Bird et al is in rebuild mode.

Sohow ’bout that obstruction ruleho tommy hilfiger w ’bout those Pats!

I think Maine football is going to go 11 1, with that only loss to FBS Northwestern. That is one heck of a season.

That was some kind of final two weeks of play in LTC football, huh!

Peavey for Iglesiason second thought

I sure hope B’s Loui Eriksson is OK after suffering a concussion from the illegal hit from that goon in Buffalo. Eriksson is a nice player that fits with the Bruins.

The World Series and high school playoff games fill the Sports Radio 92.9 airwaves in the upcoming week.