tommy hilfiger uk the creative cure for every wo

the creative cure for every woman

Bagadocious dust covers are the creative and modern solution to everyday fashion dust bags. In 2009, she launched Bagadocious, the answer and cure to every woman’s closet organization woes surrounding her shoes, handbags and accessories. Just think: no more annoying dust bag covers that have no indication of which handbag is inside and tommy hilfiger uk no more exposed sunglasses or accessories just lying all over the place.

With Bagadocious dust covers, a personalized photo is displayed on the outside tommy hilfiger uk of the dust cover so that you know which shoes, handbags or accessories are inside. Made from quality materials, Bagadocious dust covers were included in the MTV Movie Awards gifting lounge and for the The Wendy Williams’ Show backstage celebrity giveaway.

Creating your own personalized Bagadocious dust cover is simple, painless and can be done in these easy steps.

Take a photo o tommy hilfiger uk f your beloved handbag, necklace, sunnies or clutch.

Choose from a selection of high quality dust cover sizes or styles for your prized possession.

Upload your photo onto the Bagadocious website and voila! Your own personalized dust cover will be on its way and into your closet in no time!

For a creative and affordable way of organizing your closet, let Bagadocious tommy hilfiger uk do all the work it is clearly the answer to all of your closet organization headaches.