tommy hilfiger uk The Curse of the Plastic Bag

The Curse of the Plastic Bag

If it comes off that way however, so be it, because this is an incredibly important issue to me. I’m here to talk about bags.

“Most grocery store baggers don’t bother to ask anymore. They drop the bananas in one plastic bag as they reach for another to hold the six pack of soda. The pasta sauce and noodles will get one too, as will the dish soap” (John Roach, Are Plastic Bags Sacking the Environment?).

This quote could not be more accurate. Having had the fulfilling joy of working at not one but two grocery stores in not one but two different provinces in Canada, it curls my hair thinking about how many bags I’ve seen wasted at the hands of people. Double bagging a single bottle of Pepsi is not, and will never be, necessary.

All right, so 1 trillion bags is a lot, but those figures were from 2003. How about loading some more recent numbers? 2009 shows that the numbers have not shifted in the slightest, however, it does appear that there have been improvements in certain areas:

It was Ireland that began charging it’s shoppers for plastic bags. While it saddens me that in order to get people making a difference in this world, they need to be pushed with money, I think charging for plastic bags i tommy hilfiger uk s one of the greatest ideas of the century (kill me, I know). Here’s the thing, paying for bags would be an annoyance for sure, but spend 99 cents on a reusable bag and you’ll never have to worry about it again. I fail to see any reason why people wouldn’t just get a reusable bag or two. Most people have cloth bags lying around the house anyways. I do not want to hear anyone else complaining about paying for bags. Whether or not it’s a corporate scheme to make money (likely), it is helping to save our planet.

Making a DifferenceStep one: BUY REUSABLE BAGS IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY. It may seem like a few plastic bags isn’t much, but as someone who has bagged goods for hours on end, a few bags for each person ends up being a lot. If, for whatever reason you do not have access to reusable bags, please take the next few suggestions into consideration:

If you are buying something such as a pizza made in store (aka uncooked with loose ingredients on top and can not be turned on it’s side), plea tommy hilfiger uk se do not request that it is put in a bag. Since the pizza can not be turned on it’s side, there is absolutely no reason to be using the handles on the plastic bag, making it fairly useless. It seems to be hammered into our brains that all groceries must be placed in bags, which just isn’t true. Not all groceries require bags.

If you are simply buying one or two small items, they probably don’t need a bag. In some cases I get it, maybe you have a lot of errands to run, but in many cases, people buy a couple of things on the drive or walk home from somewhere. If you are buying a stick of butter and a chocolate bar, you can probably carry that home. If you are driving, you don’t even have to carry it, it can rest on your passenger’s seat. I have recently, for small orders like the one described, began asking “do you need a bag for this?” instead of “do you want a bag for this?” and found that people are more likely to answer “no” when I used the word “need”. Asking if someone “needs” a bag gets them thinking about if they actually need one. Anyone would want a bag, it is more convenient, but we have reached a point environmentally that prevents us from doing the most convenient thing at all times. Declining the use of a plastic bag to hold your pack of Oreo’s on the drive home is a simple way to make a difference, because believe me it adds up fast.

For those of you who have reusable bags but left them in the car? First off, don’t buy more reusable bags. If you only need 5 reusables and you have those 5 bags in the car, it is probably more environmentally friendly to use plastic on this one occasion. Lets not forget that even though they are reusable, it does take energy to make the bags, so b tommy hilfiger uk uying 5 reusables for a single use probably isn’t worth it. There is that option, or there is the option I opt for: to stuff as much as you can in your purse and carry the rest. Yes, it is an arm full, yes, it is annoying as anything, and yes, I do look like an idiot, but it is worth it.

Just Some Closing WordsShane Koyzcan wrote: “don’t tell it to the people who care, tell it to the people who don’t”. Whether or not you are someone who cares, I urge you to switch to reusable bags if you have not already. There is no sacrifice involved tommy hilfiger uk and it DOES add up, even over the course of only a few shopping trips. I hope that even a year from now I will be able to look up the amount of plastic bags used each year and see that it has dropped substantially. People say that change has to occur over time, but this is the sort of thing that can happen overnight if we push it to, just look at what happened in Ireland! Anyway, to summarize this article, please don’t overuse (or ever use, if possible) plastic bags. They are hurting the environment, and it is something that can be stopped in an instant. Thanks for reading if you got this far!

HAPIPLANET 2 years ago

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! I’ve also been trying to spread the message for years, and you know what? It’s working! Lots of people around me are now doing what you mentioned: thinking about weather or not they need a bag, and as a result, their usage has inevitably decreased. My boyfriend and I have ALMOST eliminated our usage, and on the rare occasion that I do accept a bag, it’s only because of bad preparedness; i didn’t have an extra one with me. An easy fix! Thank you for writing this article!