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The daily Bob Hughes column Aug

The sarcasm in this cracks me up, 29 years later The Smog Olympics are off the air, the soap operas have returned to prime time, and we find ourselves back in regular time, watching re runs, which is to say tuning in to the gripper, As The Spiral Wobbles. Parental guidance is advised.

As a gloriously brilliant red sunset closes down in the west, we find the cast packing their bags for the annual trek, over the rolling hills of southwestern Saskatchewan, into Calgary.

We are sent off on the big silver bird fanned by the reassuring words from the president and from the general manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders as they search their navels, stopping only to burp each other, looking for the answer to the burning question: Who’s on first?

The president, one Richard P. Rendek, tells the snarling Loyal Disorder of Rider Priders comfortingly that sit down “We are confident the team is going in the right direction.”

One can only hope, as bumps form on the forehead, that the grim faced Rendek was referring to the compass direction of today’s Air Herrera flight to Calgary. He tells the masses, through them, that the fans must be wait for it “patient.”

The masses are not amused. Only in Saskatchewan, you say. Pity.

(As we all know, when Herrera was unveiled as Jim Spavital tommy hilfiger uk ‘s successor by Rendek, who had been left standing at the altar when Paul Robson wisely decided to stay in Winnipeg, one of Herrera’s strongest suits, we were told, was his grasp of public relations.)

You can hear, late at night, the grinding of teeth, the sounds of fingernails being run across the blackboard.

The journey west so as to catch a glimpse of the refreshing white tipped Rocky Mountains, look up at all the tall, shiny, empty downtown buildings, is being made with the usual injection of hope. After all, we know we must not rush things. And face it, elusive victory could be at hand here, the hope being the players be allowed to play.

The one certainty of the weekend is, we shall be able to drink the water without use of nose plugs.

Since we last chatted, the Relapse Roughrides remained hunkered down in three point stance in last place in the Western Division, heading in the right direction as they are here in the fitful grip of Revival VIII. If they sink much further, they may end up in the Atlantic Football League.

So, as we slip quietly into the Alberta burg of Calgary, under cover of dark, we wonder what shall unfold on the artificial pitch of McMahon Stadium i tommy hilfiger uk n the descending nightfall of tomorrow when those offensive giants close, sort of live and in colour.

It will be Saskatchewan Semi Tough against the Big Redeye Machine. It will be the two sorriest offences in the league going cheek to jowl and some suspect it could be a dead heat over which offence is worse, the accent here heavy on the word dead.

The shy shakes, the ground trembles in anticipation of the weekend schedule closer, the decision having been made that it is better that this game be played (eight o’clock start) after the children have gone to bed.

We wonder, as we drift off into blissful sleep, dreaming of Ronnie handing off to George, of Ken keeping it quiet about what exactly he does, of Eagle grunting, of players actually living in Regina long enough to know where Hamilton and 11th is

We wonder, as sleep takes over, what tomorrow night will offer

Will the coaches go through the highly interesting routine of yanking their best receiver out of the play on virtually every second down and long throw?

Will the innovative Paul Hickie see another illusion in front of his clouded eyes and decide again to take off running when it is best that he should be punting?

Will we again look down to the players’ bench, only to find the hunched over figures of coaches Reuben Berry and Jay Cain, hands unsteadily gripping sunken kneecaps, heads hanging low, searching the ground for tommy hilfiger uk a hole large enough for both to crawl into?

Will either team score? On each other, I mean.

Will Greg Vavra, the darling of the hooded eyes of the ill tempered Stampeder faithful, come soaring in, waving the maple leaf flag to enrich all our lives by showing that Canadians can play quarterback in the Canadian Football League?

Whatever happened to Trent Soper?

Will we again go through the incessant post game blathering of excuses, blaming all on the penalties and like that?

Will the receivers in the huddle wave off the receivers trying to get into the huddle?

Will anybody want to go into the huddle?

Will there be any statistic tommy hilfiger uk s on the game?

Will Don Wittman, Ron Lancaster and Leo Cahill be able to sustain interest for the whole three hours, or will Ron and Leo have to resort to asking Witt what it was like at the Olympics?

Will the CB of C, still high on its Olympics coverage, come back to the game after the halftime break?