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State police are seeking the public’s help in locating a man who leveled a gun at troopers during a traffic stop Monday evening in Upland. on 22nd Street near Upland, state police tried to stop a car for traffic violations. Two blocks later, the car pulled over and police saw the driver of the car, Rasheem Metts, hand a gun to the passenger, his brother, Asmar Metts, according to a news release.

Asmar Metts, 20, then ran away from the traffic stop pointing the gun at troopers as he fled, police said. While he did not fire his gun, a state trooper did fir tommy hilfiger uk e his. It’s unknown whether Asmar Metts was hit because he has yet to be found.

Ernest Rayfield will never be sentenced by anyone on this earth for stabbing his 87 year old wife to death.

Rayfield, 89, died this weekend while awaiting sentencing in Delaware County Court for the slaying of his wife, Mary Agnes, last year.

The elderly couple had been together for 63 years but towards the end, Mary suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. When questioned by police following the slaying at the couple’s Springfield home on Aug.

But here it is, right in front of me. Police in Yeadon and East Lansdowne got a dairy farming lesson over the weekend when a cow escaped from a butcher shop in Upper Darby and tommy hilfiger uk went wandering down Emerson Avenue toward Long Lane. It freaked out when the cops showed up.

“Lacking any type of lasso or rope, officers attempted to corral the animal between the vehicles,” reads one of the strangest police reports ever to cross my desk, “when the animal suddenly lunged at vehicle 4621, striking the front passenger side quarter panel causing light damage.”

That’ tommy hilfiger uk s a lot tommy hilfiger uk of cherub table clocks and baroque luxury pet bowls.

While employed with the Tinicum Township Renaissance hotel, which is an affiliate of the Marriott hotels, Tia McNeill, 34, of King of Prussia, manipulated the hotel’s point system and created six different accounts to award herself Marriott points that she then redeemed for $103,294 worth of SkyMall online purchases, prosecutors said.