tommy hilfiger uk The daily struggle to avoid ju

The daily struggle to avoid junk and eat a good diet

I largely wake up in the mornings and tell myself I’ll stick with my healthy soup and salad, I’ll limit my carbohydrates, I’ll steer clear of coffee and under no circumstances will I venture over to the sweet treats aisle when that 3pm slump kicks in.

There are the few occasions when I can see my plan through and I’ll be delighted with myself getting into bed, desperately ignoring the slight rumble from my stomach, clearly informing me the least I could do is give it a square of chocolate.

My eating desires rarely match what I actually consume, particularly between Monday and Friday when the majority of my working day is spent running from one job to another and grabbing grub on the go.

I’m of a breed that lives to deadlines tommy hilfiger uk and to that end it can be exceptionally difficult to monitor my calorie intake.

And being based in an area that does not boast the best of culinary choices is an additional hurdle for me.

Yesterday was a positive day in the calorie ratings stakes until lunch.

I normally get up at 6.30am to exercise and after walking the dogs I filled up on porridge made with water (150cals), which I had with mixed berries (100cals) and a tablespoon of honey (65cals). A breakfast of 315 calories I’m content with.

To stave off a mid morning latte I made some kale chips (110cals for two cups) to bring in with me and had some green tea on the journey in (calorie free).

I didn’t think about food until 1pm, when I went with a colleague to a nearby restaurant.

This is where my daily battle often ensues and sure enough, my hungry eyes chose a bacon cheeseburger and chips ( tommy hilfiger uk 1,000cals).

So now I’m up to 1,425 calories out of my daily recommended 2,000 and it’s not yet 3pm. Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was a mental challenge.

I managed with a Pink Lady large apple (72cals), another green tea (0cals) and then headed home for a side plate of leftover chicken stir fried with vegetables (350cals).

In total I consumed 1,847, just 153 to spare which equates to a banana and a half tommy hilfiger uk .

The day before: utter destruction mode. I was exhausted from the get go and when the snooze button was hit one too many times, I had to rush to get ready for my train.

That meant a large latte (109cals) and a toasted berry scone (480cals) with a tablespoon of jam (50cals).

That was followed by a bite of a croissan tommy hilfiger uk t (40cals) and battered cod with chips adn tartare sauce (1,000cals) for lunch.

Apparently you have to start what you finish and funnily enough, when 3pm came I was scoffing a bag of Manhattan popcorn (180cals) and half a medium sized chocolate Easter egg (170cals).

Feeling exceptionally guilty, I opted for Cully and Scully tomato and basil soup (150cals) and two poached eggs (150cals).

To finish it off while watching Game of Thrones, I enjoyed a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s fudge brownie ice cream (500cals). Sheer madness. That day resulted in 2,789 calories.