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The Dallas Morning News’ guide to your Final Four weekend

Dallas Area Rapid Transit will run extra trains on its four lines through downtown this weekend. The TRE, which links Dallas and Fort Worth, will run Sunday.DART, planners and p tommy hilfiger uk olice are expecting hundreds of people heading to the free concerts to take trains. The concerts are Friday through Sunday at Reunion Park, on the southwestern edge of downtown. Bracket Town is at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center a few blocks away. That event runs Friday through April 7.DART is using four of its downtown area stations as access points to the events. The agency wants to prevent all train passengers from funneling into one single station and overloading it. Passengers are asked to use the Victory, West End, Union and Convention Center stations.DART employees, volunteers and signs will direct passengers to the station they should use. Which of the four it will b tommy hilfiger uk e depends on the line passengers ride and the direction from which they’re coming.DART will run bus shuttles from the Victory and West End stations to the events. Both the concerts and tommy hilfiger uk Bracket Town are within walking distance from the Union and Convention Center stations.People who wait until late in the day to head downtown may want to pay attention while they’re on the trains or at any stations. Organizers plan to inform DART when they’re nearing capacity at the free concerts. Once capacity is reached, organizers won’t let anyone else in.Organizers and DART plan to use social media to spread the word. DART will also use its messaging boards at stations and employees to tell people along the various train lines that the park is already full. They’re hoping to stop people from continuing to descend on downtown when they’re just going to be turned away at the concert gates.Dallas Area Rapid Transit is running extra trains this weekend to get people into and out of downtown for the Final Four concerts and Bracket Town. There are also bus shuttles that will take passengers from train stations to events. The downtown station you will use depends on the line you ride. Here’s a look at how to get to this weekend’s events by train:Red and Blue Lines, from north and northeastFor concerts, leave the train at Union Station and walk to Reunion Park. For Bracket Town, get off at Convention Center Station and walk to the convention center.Get off at West End Station. A shuttle connects to Reunion Park and Bracket Town. You can also walk. Saturday only, special Green Line trains will run d tommy hilfiger uk irectly to Union Station. You can walk to the concert or Bracket Town from there.Green and Orange lines, from north and northwestGet off at Victory Station. A shuttle connects to Reunion Park and Bracket Town.Trinity Railway Express from westFor concerts, get off at Union Station and walk to Reunion Park. For Bracket Town, get off at Union Station and walk to the convention center. There will be TRE service Sunday.Red and blue lines, from southwest and southGet off at Convention Center Station. For concerts, walk to Reunion Park. For Bracket Town, walk to the convention center. The only way to use transit for the games is to buy a Fan Express Transit Pass.Game day: Take the TRE to the CentrePort Station. Bus shuttles will take you directly to the stadium.Passenger drop off zones are located on the North side of Randol Mill Road in Lot 1 ad on the South side off of Cowboys Way in Lot 6. Due to post event traffic, these areas may not be accessible for pick up. Guests may use the Accessibility Shuttle serving all AT Stadium parking lots.A passenger pick up zone is located at the entrance to the AT Plaza adjacent to North Collins Avenue and Cowboys Way. Taxis are also staged at this location for drop off pre event and pick up post event.