tommy hilfiger uk the damsel not in distress

the damsel not in distress

I was googling last night searching for blogging ideas I haven blogged anything lately, which is a terrible sin on my part since I have more time to blog now it summer and all, when I came across the in my bag posts. I seen this first on Zoella (a British youtuber) channel but it never crossed my mind to make my own (I don know why). I don really know what good it would do to people if I blog about the contents of my bag, but I also don know what harm cou tommy hilfiger uk ld it do. I found the idea fun and the back part of my mind (sorry I not into Science so I don know what that called, anyway) saying that I should do it because it would be interesting to let others know what I carry around with me, also it might give them an idea about sorting their own bag contents as well. :)

Let start off with my bag. I have a habit of changing bags all the time because I have a lot of handbags and I usually use them depending on my mood. This is my new bag, it only 2 months old. It a Jansport tote bag I bought at Travel Club SM Annex. I love this bag because I could fit all my stuff in here, and it not heavy so it doesn add up to the weight of my things. Also, I like this very much because since I have a lot of paper works, I may put them in here without getting crumpled or folded even. Plus, there are only 2 designs of this and only a few stocks, because Jansport doesn usually sell tote bags, as we all know.

This is my planner. I got it from Starbucks. It during those Ber months in which people collect stickers to get a planner. I got mine in November because I a huge Sbucks drinker, and I asked help from my godmother. Hihi. Anyways, I never go out without my planner because I super forgetful so I jot down everything that I have to do on it. Meetings, deadlines, write ups, groceries, birthdays, etc. I tried putting those in my phone but sadly for any unknown reason, it just doesn work for me. I prefer writing stuff down than typing them in my phone.

This is my notebook. That different) so I write a lot of stuff, and they won fit into my planner. I also sketch so I use this for that amateur talent of mine. Unlike my planner tho tommy hilfiger uk ugh, sometimes I leave my notebook at home when I don feel like being creative.

This is my iPad mini. I have this because I work here. I do powerpoints, word, quizzes, emails, etc. I had this registered to our Wifi at school so I may surf the net. When I not going to or at school, I use this for reading because I cannot ever go somewhere without a book at hand. I was supposed to buy a kindle but then I thought that I also into gaming so I chose this instead. So far, I have 78 novels in here.

These are my coin purse and my wallet. I got my Cath Kidston purse at a thrift store, and I have this because I commute so it comfortable, and safer, if I separate my coins from my bills. On the other hand, this wallet I inherited from my godmother. I love it. It Gucci, and has a lot of pockets in which I could put my cards and my bills. I also put a shell key chain (My friend bought it for me when he went to Cebu last year) with the Eiffel Tower for luck.

I never go out without my umbrella ever. I live in a tropical country so if it not sunny, it raining.

Since I write and sketch, I got these pens and pencils always. The Eiffel Tower an eraser given to me by my student when she saw that my pencil eraser was overused hehe. The baller looking thing there is a 2G USB which another former student gave me just because I liked it, and the pink one an 8G USB, which I bought for myself when I needed a much bigger space for saving. I also put an Eiffel Tower charm on it. I just put serious make up on when there are important events and I need to look more presentable than I already am. I very particular with lippies though. Anyway, on a regular basis I just put on my Nivea faceglow sunscreen that my godmother gave me, and which you w tommy hilfiger uk on see her because I put it on at home and it doesn need to be re put (is that even a word? haha. imagine I just coining.) The white compact is my Nichido foundation. The mac looking thing is just a mirror which my cousin gave me for my birthday last year. The yellow one my vanilla scented hand lotion from glam works. The green bottle my alcohol which I don go without. The red bottle is my hair doctor, because I have baby hair, if you know what I mean. The pink tube is my moisturizing lippie entitled up and kiss me from happy skin, which my godmother gave me. The smaller pink tube is my nivea angel star shimmery lipstick. The yellow tube is my lip smacker in lemon flavor. And the red one is my red lipstick that I love which I bought at the Body Shop. So these are my essentials on a daily basis.

I used to bring different candies in my bag but since they tend to scatter which made it hard for me to look for them, I bought a bottle of Mentos instead. The other one my pill box. It like my own first aid kit in which I store meds for allergies, headaches, stomach aches, fever, coughs, colds, etc. My parents thought I should have this because I was prone to sickness back then, and now that I have this I strong as a bull. The irony of life.

I need my glasses because my eyesight 20 150. Weird but yeah, there are times when I cannot see clearly because of my left eye.

So these are all my hair accessories. I have long hair, waist length, which I don intend to cut because I love my hair. I could style it in different ways or not style it at all, depending on my mood. My comb a very old one and I still keep it because it has a sentimental value.

These are tommy hilfiger uk all my keys. House keys, school rooms keys, lockers keys. It comes with this key chain with a Y on it to represent my nickname.

This is my purse. I bought this at a sale from Her Bench, Trinoma. I call it my purse because it really doesn have a single purpose. I put anything in here, whichever I like, or it just eating up space in my bag sometimes.

Finally, the most important things in my life, and in my bag (haha). My phones. I cannot live without my phones. I always on either of it. My Blackberry is my emergency and work phone. My Samsung S4 is my personal phone (although work related people call or sms me on it sometimes when they cannot reach my work phone. My BB usually becomes unreachable when I feeling crappy and turn it off. Yes, I could be a bitch sometimes and do that.

So these are the stuff I keep in my bag! I would love to know what you keep in yours. Happy day! :).