tommy hilfiger uk the dancers of nythank you

the dancers of ny

thank you everyone for making this afternoon a really memorable one! Special mention goes to the sec3s (: The amount of effort put into this is simply HUMONGOUS and we really appreciated the whole thing. The farewell was thoroughly enjoyable, with loads of interesting and innovative ideas. The pretty stars on the pillar, photos and sweets on the ledge, envelopes on ribbon tied to the barre, hersheys hanging down, balloons filled with sweets, the red carpet, dramamama music, hilarious emcee tommy hilfiger uk s, delicious food, touching montage, lovely gifts and notes all carried out in a star awards fashion.

Yeah it was supposed to be a sad thing, but all the surprises just kept us high! It’s really sad to think that dance night is over ): and we’re old sec4s who are about to leave nanyang. We’ll come back to visit anyway (: next year’s SYF! All of you must

Once again, thank you to all for your lovely effort which has left us really touched(: we’ll never forget that!

Dear all,

I shall update this by blogging (:

Surreal and sudden as it seems, is over. A night to remember for all, both performers and audience. I must say our hardwork has paid off (: these many months that were really not all that smooth sailing but hey, we made it anyway! all the late night and not to mention early morning practices. I’m sure all of you never regret any of this. Pretty amazing really, coming to think that we take 7 months for a single dance, and just 8 months for this concert. I’m sure our togetherness and heart work managed to touche tommy hilfiger uk d the audience.

Seriously, this concert has brought us all together, closer than ever (: I’m sure to all NYCD ers, NYCD will always be like a special family. for gan3 zhuang1

Wenjing our dearest stage manager!

AV and theatre for their wonderful help!

Congrong and Nicollete for being our emcees

all the teachers for their wonderful help (:

first aiders from SJAB

last but obviously not least; laoshi!

all love laoshi (:

And to everyone:

let your body, mind and not forgetting scalp rest well!this is to inform the seniors that rehearsals timings from the 10 12th December will be different from the usual schedule. On the 10th (Monday), rehearsals will be from 1730 1830. And on the 12th (Wednesday), we will lian gong from 9 1045. Rehearsals will be from 1045 1245 and then 1345 1645. 1245 1345 is a lunch break. Seniors, you all can choose if you would like to order the catered food with us or go out and eat. For xiao ‘s batch, please inform her if you are o tommy hilfiger uk rdering the catered food if you have not done so and same for Shu Hui’s batch and Yen Ngee’s batch. Thank you! (:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hello seniors, batchmates, juniors!

I think some of you may have heard about NYCD’s plans for the Year 2008. So here are some updates, some clarifications, and some requests targetted at different groups.

So firstly to update the seniors,

we are planning to go to Barcelona, Spain for a dance competition (Barcelona Dance Award) and we will use FENG WU YI REN as our competitio tommy hilfiger uk n piece.