tommy hilfiger uk The Dangers of Teabag Staples

The Dangers of Teabag Staples

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysAccording to William Beatty, an electric engineer, if a staple is left exposed when micro waving, it caused deflection in the microwave and result in sparks. A single staple might not start a microwave fire, but can cause damage by maybe burning a hole on the wall of the microwave. When using a microwave, it is safer to submerge the tea bag completely in water, to prevent any deflection. It is advisable to remove the staples from the tea bags before using them in your microwave, to be completely safe.Many people dispose tea bags in compost bins, since they are biodegradable. Compost manure is normally used to fertilize gardens in homes. The nutrients found in tea tommy hilfiger uk bags improve the content of the compost and adds acidity to the manure. The staples are metallic and are not biodegradable, slowing down the decomposition of the tea bag. Staples are exposed to moisture during decomposition and might rust. Rusty staples can cause injuries, when using compost ma tommy hilfiger uk nure in gardens. It is tommy hilfiger uk thus recommended tha tommy hilfiger uk t you remove the staple from the tea bag before putting them in a compost bin, to avert the above dangers.