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The death of creativity with the death of the window

Ayan BanikHe is the Vice President Planning, Ogilvy. Life has been the biggest educator for me. I try to gather inspiration from everything that happens with and around me. And I try and plant a little bit of myself in everything that I do. I am like the eponymous Baluchari weaver from Bengal, who after months and months of conscientiously weaving together a saree, surreptitiously weaves his signature as a part of the tommy hilfiger uk design. What else! A Virgo by birth, an ad man by profession, an avid reader, a cultural observer and a hopeless movie buff by choice and a fitness enthusiast by habit. For more information, you got to meet me in person. Some things are perhaps better discovered, than said! .The death of creativity with the death of the windowWe can divide the land that we inhabit on and put barbed wires to separate our zones. But we can never divide the sky that is seen from a window.When I was in school way back in Calcutta, an unwitting English language faux pas made by a senior teacher in a reputed English medium school became an anecdotal joke that was passed on from one generation of students to the other. So what was the faux pas??? One hot, sultry afternoon this teacher came to the class, which was quite stuffy and hot and asked his students to open the windows and let the climate come in.Many moons later, as I am getting used to staying in one of the marvellous apartments in one of the marvellous societies in the marvellous city of Gurgaon, I seem to understand the true intention of the gentleman behind the statement. Now there are many things that fascinate me about Gurgaon. And one of them being the architectural marvels of creating houses and office spaces without the concept of windows. Does this sound preposterous??? Let me try and explain. According to the Webster Dictionary the definition of a window has been described as an opening in the wall of a building for the admission of air and light with frames, sashes, panes of glass, wooden panels or any other device by which it can be opened and closed. The critical words in that definition are admission of both air and light and panels or devices that are used to open and close the window.All the Gurgaon structures that I ve encountered in my brief stint of more than 4 years are devoid of this description of a window . Yes we have wall to wall stretches that are neatly covered with glass panes to let light come in. But alas there isn t a way to open those devices and smell in the air. I m told this modern construct of the window has a fancy name its called the French Windows. I m yet to figure out how a French Window can help a desi Indian like me.But why am I so perturbed with the fact of not having a window in my life anymore???The famous Bengali literateur Maheshweta Devi wrote that every human being is in search of vishreet nabh ka ek kona that one corner of the world that one can call one s own. As I was growing up in Calcutta, this small little window beside my bed was that visreet nabh ka ek kona for me. Many a waking moments of my growing up years were spent sitting/lying beside that window. Every morning the first thing that I would do after waking up would be to open my window and fill up my lungs with the cool, morning breeze. I would study, read novels, write poems (really bad ones), ideate or even simply day dream looking out. Sometimes a crow would come and sit on the ledge looking for a conversation (like it did with Ruskin Bond) or a sparrow would occasionally disturb my slumber with its shrill chirpings. Gazing out of the window the sight of different coloured bright clothes hanging on the neighbourhood terrace would uplift a dry mood or the drifting aroma of garam masala would announce festivity in a nearby ho tommy hilfiger uk use. Way before Yahoo and Goole had come up with different intelligent Weather Apps, my window would be my weatherman and announce the onset of summer or monsoon or spring.My window was my constant companions during those dull and dreary months of summer vacation. It would entertain me, bring me news of things happening in my vicinity and even help me find out who I was. At times it would even convert into my Jukebox. If my mornings were spent listening to the sombre notes of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi meandering in from the LP of an elderly uncle, my afternoons would be spent listening to the foot tapping music of the Beatles or a Bonny M finding its way from the music system of a distant friend s house. And in late evenings my window would play Jo tommy hilfiger uk hn Coltrane from the Anglo Indian widower, Mr. Wilson s bedroom.And I m sure, similarly a window would have played a myriad roles for many people, leading a myriad lives across the globe. Some people compose songs and strum guitars sitting by the window while some people wake up and pray. Some people click photographs, while still some put up a mirror and shave. For every growing up middle class Indian wherever he/she may have grown up , I m sure a window would have played an important role in shaping his/her thoughts/creativity and ideations. And the window is very democratic and egalitarian in its own little way. Think of it, we can divide the land that we inhabit on and put barbed wires to separate our zones. But we can never divide the sky that is seen from a window. The morning sky seen from my window is perhaps as beautiful as the morning sky seen from a window in Islamabad or Dhaka or the States. A full moon night sky seen from the window of a first world country is as mesmerizing as seen from my third world window. The charm of a window is way above politics, economics, communalism, racism and every petty thing that divides humanity. A window has always been and will always remain a source of creative inspiration for people irrespective of whether they are atheist or agnostic, rich or poor, fair or dark.But alas! Despite being in the so called creative field , today we are all denied (when we say we I refer to all the unfortunate souls like me who have to work and live in a concrete jungle called Gurgaon) of our own fair share of a window. Our fair share of star gazing and day dreaming and introspection and digging deep inside the crevices of our souls to find out who we really are and what is it that we really want out of life. Our fair share of laughing out aloud or crying out alone. Our fair share of being able to smell and touch the rains. Our fair share of talking with the clouds or the sparrows and the crows.The lack of a window has not only robbed us of our share of the sky and the waft of the autumn evening breeze but its has also robbed us of our individualities, our abilities to think in our own unique and inimitable ways, our abilities to connect with ourselves and with the immediate world outside ours. We may know what Barak Obama had in his Christmas dinner party but we will never know what the next door aunty had cooked for her son. The lack of a window has not only boxed our physic tommy hilfiger uk al being into a staid, air conditioned environment but has also stunted the growth of our minds and our senses into a CLT,ALT, DLT sterile, robotic existence.But who cares? The new age builders of millennium India for sure don t . And life goes on.We will still pretend to be happy when our office IT guys upgrade our systems from a Windows 7 to a Windows 10. We will still pretend to be important when we get that all important 15 minute Window with the really big guy in an even bigger car. We will still feel special when we bag the coveted Window over a middle seat while flying in a cheap airline for an expensive business deal. And above all else we still get our creative satisfaction by fighting tooth and nail with the Client and manage to reduce a 15 second Product Window into a 10 second.The irony of it all is that we are all surrounded by various uneventful Windows day in and day out. But the Windows that ever mattered have long flown out of the window.Water water everywhere. Nor any drop to drink. 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