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The Death of Innocence

Players: Torrent, Hardy, Slide.

Synopsis: With the arrival of a new member of the Pleasant Meadows family in the form of Sparkles the Unicorn, the hateful eyes of the rich turn on claiming it not for the amusement of all, but as a trophy. A small team of runners is gathered to simply kill the rare animal, and bring back enough of it to make into a conversation piece. Who but all the most jaded could truly be horrible enough to take on such a foul job?

The call has gone out through the usual channels. A bit of a n tommy hilfiger uk ovelty job, something that most Shadowrunners shouldn’t really have too much trouble with, but that would nevertheless be worth a cool fifteen thousand nuyen a piece. What is more interesting is the location that the meet is scheduled for by the tiger cages at the Denver local zoo. Not, exactly, the kind of place that most people would associate with shadowy and nefarious deals.

Little Hawk is there, though. Wearing civilian clothing to blend in better with the crowd, the man who they are meant to be meeting couldn’t look like much more of a stereotypical johnson. From the slick cut of his grey suit to the clenching tension of his jaw, and the large, threatening troll lurking around behind him, the young Amerind woman doesn’t seem too nervous, but she does seem bored, just watching the tigers for the moment as the crowds wander to and fro, providing a kind of generic security simply by their presence.

Slide gets the call and starts his preperations. He sets down and starts with his disguise, today he is a small time country singer from Texas. He goes for the whole look, including the cowboy hat. After that is done, he packs his bag and loads it into his Jeep, heading to the Zoo. Once there he gets out, his only weapons his ceramic pistols that are nearly undetectable. He pays for his visit to the zoo and makes his way towards the tiger cages, smirking slightly as he spots the Johnson, then walks up towards him, a bag of popcorn in his hand and he munches on it as he nods to the fellow “Wonder how much it costs to feed these things, probably fifteen a day.”

Auto Judge[] Slide (3162) rolls 6 (Disguise Soft) for “+4 Polymask”:

Torrent walks into the zoo looking like a market broker that’s out on his luck. He picked himself up a slushie that resembles a panda with a giant straw sticking out of his head. Tor tommy hilfiger uk rent sips on the animal’s skull as he meanders towards the cages. After hearing Slide’s comment his ears perk a bit, “Fifteen isn’t a bad pay for a dangerous animal.”

Hardy rolls up to the zoo on a bike with the full troll upgrade package. He has a duffle commonly used by hockey players hanging from the side of the bike on prefab hooks. He takes one tour of the lot to check for surveillance before parking and heading into the zoo. He takes his time making his way through the zoo towards the arranged meet but eventually shows up where he is supposed to be. He walks to a nearby bench and stashes the bag under it but still in his view before joining the group. A freshly lit cigar hangs from his tusky maw and he regards Torrent and Slide for a moment before spitting the Johnson with a one eyed gaze, his other eye shut to keep the smoke from the cigar from irritating it further.

The Johnson gives a little nod to the assembling group. “Punctual. Well, that’s a good start.” He says. For her part, Little Hawk does look just a little bit intimidated by Hardy, but, then, she always was intimidated by large, scary looking Trolls. At least he was ostensibly on her side. That was something.

Clearing his throat, the Johnson smiles. “It’s a pretty simple job.” He says, “My employer has become aware of the fact that the ‘Pleasant Meadows’ animal reserve outside Denver has obtained a new attraction, one that he would rather have hanging over his wall. tommy hilfiger uk If you kill the animal, you’ll get five thousand. If you just collect its head, you’ll get ten thousand, and if you bring the whole carcass, you’ll get the full fifteen. For men and women of your caliber, we rather doubt that the animal itself is going to be any problem, so all you need to worry about is animal reserve security. Quite generous, in my estimation.”

Slide reaches up and adjusts his cowboy hat a bit, then grabs some more popcorn and takes a handful. “Sounds simple enough, whats the animal in question?” he then places the handful of popcorn in his mouth and starts chewing.

Torrent moves closer to the Johnson to hear/see a response to Slide’s question.

Hardy tests his weight against the rail at the edge of the tiger attraction. When it holds he sit back on it, crossing his huge arms over his chest. The ash on his cigar glows brightly for a moment as he pulls on its musky goodne tommy hilfiger uk ss. He looks to he Cowboy and turns to the Johnson, “Yeah boss, jus whut we dealin wif ‘ere? Para? Norm? Exotic?”

The Johnson nods slightly, “Para, yes.” He starts, producing a small flyer from his pocket, which, when unfolded, shows a sketch of a unicorn, with the heading ‘Everyone Loves Sparkles!’ Come to Pleasant Meadows today!

For her part, Little Hawk doesn’t seem all that surprised, “I did a bit of reading.” She says, “It doesn’t sound like a Unicorn is actually very dangerous. Just sort of pretty, mostly. Though you don’t want to get gored by it.”

Slide nods his head, finishing his mouthfull of popcorn, he grins a bit “I take it our pay also reflects what shape the animal is in? No big holes and that sort of stuff right?”

Torrent wonders where to shoot a horned horse and still leave it in prestine shape aim for the heart. “Anyone know the details on good spots to take an animal like this down, without ruining the taxadermy purposes?”

Slide chuckles “Gel rounds of course.”

Hardy looks at the flyer and a ‘you have got to be kidding me’ look covers his face, just for a moment and then is gone. He takes the cigar out of his mouth and drops an ash into the foliage surrounding the tiger exhibit. “Don seem so bad I ‘spose.” He rethinks his ash tray and quickly stomps on the grass where his ash landed before turning back to the conversation. He looks to Torrent and grins, “Im sure we can figger dat out chum.”with a nod to Slide’s comment. “Easy peasy”

Little Hawk gives a little wave, and flashes a smile, “Actually, yes, I’ll be dealing with the taxidermy side of the operation. Don’t worry too much, unless you use explosive rounds or pepper the thing, I’ll be able to hide most of the damage.”

Her introduction done, the Johnson nods his head, “Ms. Hawk here knows where you are to deliver the body, if there are no more questions, gentlemen?”

Slide shakes his head and looks to the others “Anyone got a van to move the body without it being seen?”

Hardy shakes his head towards Slide.”Naw chum an I doubt it will fit on mah bike.” He thinks for a second and shrugs offering, “We will figger it out, lets finish with Mista John ere”

Torrent shrugs, “I’m good on questions, the reserve made enough of a deal about this critter that it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Bag and tag and drag it back. Cut and dry, right?”

The Johnson nods, “Indeed. Good day, I will leave you to your deliberations.”

That said, he and his large friend depart, and Little Hawk scratches behind the back of her head. “I have a car, in a pinch we could strap it to the roof, but we’d attract a lot of attention.”

Slide shakes his head and grins “Ahh, ain’t gonna be no problem pardners, I’ll just rent me a trailer for my jeep, and we use that. Just gotta make sure that I go to a car wash and clean it out afterwards. Get a few boxes, build a fake wall, and if someone opens the back of the trailer, all they will see is boxes full of crap. No sweat.”

Hardy raises a hand towards the Johnson as he starts to leave. “Ho boss, wait a secwho we call an where we takin dis fing when its done eh?” He raises up off the rail with an audible groan of relief from the reinforced metal.