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The Deco rug

So often rugs are a cheap afterthought of artificial fibres flung on the floor wai tommy hilfiger uk ting to trip you up, sulkily soaking up coffee stains in a futile attempt to be noticed, brown on top of more brown. This is such a pity as a good rug can pull a room together, and top of my wish list for a while now has been an eye catching Ceadogn rug. These are hand tufted in Wexford in conjunction with aspiring co tommy hilfiger uk ntemporary artists. Their winter sale is j tommy hilfiger uk ust ending and if you managed to bag one of these beauties, you must be a happy home owner indeed. Check out their website for designs an tommy hilfiger uk d commissions and a film: How to make a Ceadogn Rug.2. Ottomania

Bringing the Ottoman Empire to the Netherlands, piece by piece since she was 14, little did Tara realise her passion would become her family’s life work. Their shop sounds enchanting with hand carved shelving to reflect Turkish interiors and a city garden where we’re all invited to come and soak up the atmosphere. Most items on this site, from textiles, tin and glassware to jewellery, are hand crafted by artisans in their own home and the family feel very strongly about preserving this way of life for crafters something to be admired and supported.