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One of the hottest consumer trends of the moment is also a fashionable one.

As more people reduce, reuse and recycle, the hip way to declare that “plastic ain’t your bag” is to replace it with reusable shopping totes. by offering cash for every plastic bag brought back to the store. Clothing boutiques such as Buffalo Exchange in Denver and Boulder participate in programs like “Tokens for Bags. tommy hilfiger uk ” Shoppers accept charitable tokens instead of bags, then Buffalo Exchange gives a nickel to the customer’s favorite charity. The program has generated more than $300,000 for nonprofits since 1994 and saved 6 million bags.

Even celebrities are sauntering around Tinseltown with their favorite green totes instead of designer shopping bags. Among Hollywood favorites is a “Make Love Not Trash” bag designed by former model Martha Lee to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

“Designers who are using their talents to create fun and cute bags like these are really the ones responsible for helping create a desire or incentive to use reusable bags,” says Rosalynn Basford, a Los Angeles beauty and fashion publicist who sometimes goes grocery shopping just to show off her eco chic shopping tote.

Environmental experts say each year 500 billion to a trillion bags are used worldwide but onl tommy hilfiger uk y 1 percent are recycled. Plastic b tommy hilfiger uk ags never biodegrade, making them a major landfill problem, and are made from polyethylene, a nonrenewable petroleum byproduct.

Reusable totes also appeal to a creative environmentalist crowd.

“You are taking something that you already own and might even have considered throwing away and giving it a new use,” says Corinne Leigh, ThreadBanger’s co executive producer. Instead of buying one of the many reusable shopping totes in stores these days, look around for old pillowcases, fabric scraps, clothes or even other plastic bags. Then use those materials to make a homemade, personalized shopping tote. Otherwise, the ink will melt off during this project.

Cut off the bag hand tommy hilfiger uk les.

Cut off the bottom edge of the bag and smooth out the wrinkles. You will have two layers of plastic at this point.

Fold the bag in half twice so you have eight layers of plastic, making for a great fused “fabric.” You can fold it into a square or a rectangle.