tommy hilfiger uk The Designer Bag at the Garbag

The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257 0310, 978 07698441451, $ 14.99, Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

When Jesus Changes Julie’s Direction from Designer tommy hilfiger uk Clothes to Feeding Orphans

Julie, self centered and insecure seeks fulfillment and satisfaction by being on the cutting edge in designer clothes, accessories, as well as perfection in home decorating and in career accomplishment. A planned two day shopping spree in New York City took an unexpected twist to become a supernatural extended spiritual experience with Jesus in India.

In her book “The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump” Jackie Macgirvin uses the platform of fiction to deliver a strong message of self discovery. I was personally moved as I vicariously absorbed the message of Julie’s conversations with Jesus, her struggle to surrender her will to Him and to see her life transformed by a newly found intimacy with Jesus. Julie also received the healing and freedom that comes with obedience to God.

The plight of 44,000 orphans victimized each year by the “beggar mafia” in India is dramatically presented through a composite of the lives of eleven orphans living on a garbage dump. Poverty, parental neglect, famine, and kidnapping are all factors that lead to the abuse of these children as they are forced into begging, child pornography, and are sexually abused.

Macgirvin’s character development is strong. Key characters reveal character flaws common to most of us. Jackie skillfully reveals transformation and growth in the depth of Julie and the orphans as they build a relationship of trust in each other, and faith in Jesu tommy hilfiger uk s.

Although I sometimes thought the story line became repetitious or too idealistic I was careful to read on as I did not want to miss a single word of Jul tommy hilfiger uk ie’s next conversation with Jesus, as I found them personally tommy hilfiger uk applicable to my own faith.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

“The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump” is a powerful reminder of the admonition that true religion is manifest in meeting the needs of orphans in their time of trouble.