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The designer bag phenomenon is fed by the technology of instant presentation. If a film star, female politician, celebrity or popular person is seen on TV, carrying something a bit different than what is popular at the time, the demand for the product that she is using goes berserk in no time. It is a phenomenon of desir tommy hilfiger uk e and fashion rather than one of necessity, and with the female persona, fashion rates up there very high, right next to life itself. The bags are made from leather, plastic, pseudo leather, cloth or even wood but what seems to make the bags most popular is the name of the designer. The designer s moniker is what attracts many to the product and the status symbol is that of owning an originally designed purse or bag by the most popular, and often, the most expensive name designers who are often best known for their apparel de tommy hilfiger uk signs. This is a huge boon for the designers and obviously produces for them another line of income. As with anything highly popular, the knock off or fake name brands have reared their ugly heads and have caused a world of problems for not only the manufacturers of designer bags, but with the customers as well. The buying public should not be taken in simply by claims of authenticity. Know and understand the proper methods of iden tommy hilfiger uk tifying and purchasing a true designer purse, if this is your desire and passion. Even though the prices for these very popular items are excessive, the popularity continues to grow. If the current mania for designer bags continues, the common but essential implement carrying utensil will become a highly priced object d art a tommy hilfiger uk nd out of reach for the common working girl in the near future.