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Earliest man (and, of course woman) produced crude but effective methods of transporting essential items to different locations. The earliest carrying cases were simple h tommy hilfiger uk ides, gourds, large leaves or any natural substance that could hold things and was durable enough to last throughout the trek. The carrying utensil was originally nothing but that . a carrying device, nothing more, nothing less. Over the millenniums, this simple object slowly became more sophisticated and eventually became, of all things, an item of fashion. When pockets were introduced into clothing, the male of the species began to carry his essentials in these pockets and, therefore, the nee tommy hilfiger uk d for a carrying utensil was much diminished unless the item to be carried was larger than could be placed into the pockets. For reasons often debate tommy hilfiger uk d, the female wardrobe did not develop the same common sense approach to pocket technology. It was obviously a fashion statement but women were strongly discouraged from carrying any items in their clothing so as not to be able to conceal weapons or contraband, as this was a unique male role. Later, women began to place fancy linings into the simple cloth bags and even commenced to involve the use of draw strings in order to hold the bags closed so that certain items would not fall out. Sewn on decorations such as beads or crocheting became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries and the purse became a common and essential item in each sophisticated lady s attire. The different shapes and methods of pursing are evident wherever one travels and the changing styles develop yearly. Though the bags seem to be becoming more logical in design, the price for a simple designer carrying case is often upwards of $500. Some designers demand even higher prices in the $1000 $2000 range. A custom made designer bag goes into the sky s the limit category. Nevertheless, these highly sought after and expen tommy hilfiger uk sive carrying bags are the rage the world over and women are flocking to acquire at least one and often starting a collection of designer bags.