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The Desolation of Smaug Comments

I’m enjoying The Hobbit films but they feel so padded to me. With LoTR they put the story from 3 books into 3 movies. Fair enough. And they were able to trim some of the fat from the books to ma tommy hilfiger uk ke the movies smoother (a little too much fat for the theatrical runs, some important stuff got left on the cutting room floor but was put back in the director’s cuts).

The Hobbit was a shorter book than any of the 3 chapters tommy hilfiger uk of LoTR, yet they have stretched it to 3 movies. In the first film they had the extended sequence (that went on and on and on) of the dwarves eating dinner in Bilbo’s home with singing. Yes, it was in the book. But it should have been cut out of the movie or at least trimmed waaaay down. When you start to check your watch during the film, something is wrong.

The second Hobbit film had extra elves. It was nice to see Legolas again and, while he didn’t make an appearance in the book, if he had been in a few scenes when the dwarves were being held captive by the elves it would have enhanced the movie. But we have a new subplot about new character Tauriel getting a crush on one of the dwarves and following them to Laketown and Legolas follows her and there’s tracking tommy hilfiger uk in the wilderness and long conversations about conformity vs independance. It’s all nice enough and interesting enough but it’s just a big fluffy pillow tied around the movie to extend the running time.

And one of the dw tommy hilfiger uk arves is injured in the escape from the elves and there’s lots of angst about that, another big fluffy pillow that wasn’t in the book.

This epic trillogy could easily have been told in 2 movies or even in one. And as much as I like Peter Jackson and his vision of Tolkien’s work I just get the feeling that the decision to make this a trilogy is mainly a financial one, not an artistic one.

I totally understand that movie studios have to make money in order to survive and to keep producing films for us to enjoy. But it’s not like the first 2 films haven’t been profitable. It’s better to leave the audience wanting more than sick of the whole business.