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The Devil Wears Prada

I met up with a friend and because she wanted to buy a bag in Louis Vuitton, I said to her “I’ll go with you. but I’ll just browse”. After that we went to tommy hilfiger uk Chanel, Tod’s, Ferragamo, Prada, Dior my gosh! Never in my life did I imagine myself stepping into any tommy hilfiger uk of those shops, much less seriously thinking about buying anything from there. I ended up buying myself a mini Chef bag from Fendi and felt exhilarated! Grabe, my first extravegant purchase ever and I didn’t feel guilty at all! I’ve been so depres tommy hilfiger uk sed lately (with Red being away in Pakistan and all) and I never thought that shopping would actually tommy hilfiger uk cure my depression. My goshit was super mega shopping already for me even if it was only 1 tiny bag! I thought “have I actually crossed to the other side”? I called Red that night and told him I finally found the key to my happiness if he can’t give me enough sex, then he just has to buy me a Prada bag! Bwahahah!