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The Devil You Know Review

This episode and the previous one both brought back lesser known characters to progress the larger story. Both of these characters, the Trixter last week, and Crowley this week, have stakes in Sam and Dean finding a way to win or to at least stop the battle between Lucifer and Michael. Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley, is THE villain or at least character of questionable morals of our favorite genres of TV, namely science fiction, horror, and action. He been in Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Chuck, Supernatural, Burn Notice and the ill fated Bionic Woman to name just a few. Sheppard is consistently great in every show he in, so much so that he be hard to trust in real life!

So Crowley made his triumphant return last night to help set the brothers on the path to getting th tommy hilfiger uk e ring of Pestilence. Two problems with the episode are that it felt a little like padding between last week episode and next week real story and the use of spy level gadgetry. Sure, it has been amusing to see Cass use a cell phone but When Crowley pulled out the line about the tracking device it just seemed like clumsy storytelling. The padding involves Crowley knowing a guy who knows how to find Pestilence. It seemed like that concept could have been cut back to half an episode with confrontation between the brothers and the next horsemen beginning at the halfway point.

Some extremely entertaining scenes and character interactions redeemed the episode though. Crowley had a plan worked out in his head to help the brothers get the next ring but in true devil fashion his plan uses the brother in a way that they probably wouldn agree with if they knew all the details. So, he just tricked them into playing their parts which was a total blast to watch. The episode also brought back one of the scariest and coolest monsters in the series. Also there was a blast from Sam past that just adds more melancholy to his overall story. He a sad angry character that just keeps getting more salt dumped in his wounds, literally and figuratively.

The entire episode was worth the final moments of the episode th tommy hilfiger uk ough. I just kept thinking the whole time Crowley was on screen to never trust a lawyer. Sure, he was a lawyer on BSG but he a demon here, and some would say there not much difference between the two. The ending for this story may feel somewhat packaged up with the rings and such but it could still be really dramatic. Some really great characters have already been killed during this story arc and it not too out of the way to expect that there may be more deaths before it all said and done. While the execution was poor in a few places in last night episode, there were still so many good moments and a riveting closing scene that the episode was still a good one overall.

I enjoyed the episode.

I have to disagree with you, Lackey, on your thoughts of the Trickster and Crowley being lesser known.

They may not have been in a large amount of episodes, but each episode they were in were stand out episodes, to me. I always enjoyed them and this one didn’t disappoint.

I’m curious if they will keep Crowley using Bobby as a meat suit until near the very end of the season. I see this as a means of getting Bobby his legs back and joining back in the fight again.

I will admit the preview of next weeks episode has me excited. Especialy with the guy that bumps into Death on the sidewalk and Death just brushes his shoulder whe tommy hilfiger uk re the guy touched him and BOOM! Guy dies. Ye tommy hilfiger uk p. Definately excited. Though I have to agree, I thought Crowley was only talking about his soul.

And Stephen, though Mark Sheppard is the ultimate villian, he is such a nice person in real life! I’ve met him a few times at conventions and he was so cool. Hell, second time we met he called out to me when I walked by b/c he recognized me from a convention a few months prior. Totally awesome dude.

It is the soul that Bobby and Crowley are negotiating. Yes.

But I’m believing the possession part because of the fact that Bobby says something along the lines of “walking in to a room full of Demons and asking for directions” and Crowley says “No. They’ll kill me.”