tommy hilfiger uk The Dhaka ProjectIm honest

The Dhaka Project

Im honestly honored to be part of your amazing project. You guys left a really huge mark in my heart and have influenced my every move now that i am back in Dubai. Although the time spent there was tommy hilfiger uk short but what i have learnt would last a lifetime.

I have learnt the 1 Dirham is equal to 18 Takas which can buy 9 bananas for the children

Miss you all so much!Anas came last week from Dubai with and Bader

Let me to try to recall how all of this started. Well I 1st found out about the Dhaka Project Maria through the 7 Days paper in Dubai, then I found her on facebook and that’s how the contact started. Since then I’ve always mentioned my interest in going to Dhaka to my mom and wife, who both are always interested i tommy hilfiger uk n visiting these places and providing help to those who need it, therefore I was talking to the right people =) !

Recently (my wife) got an assignment for providing community service in one of her courses and this gave us the right opportunity to visit Dhaka. She mentioned the idea to her teacher, who loved it and there we were preparing coordinating with Maria to visit her as soon as we can.

Letter of invitation received, visas issued, tickets purchased, got absence of leave in the last minute from work (wasn’t that easy of course), Maria notifed and off we were.

We arrive after a delay in mid air because of bad visibility, therefore that got us behind around 2 hrs. We go through the airport, which wasn’t that difficult and as soon as we were out we find Maria waiting for us with one of her trademark smiles. She takes us to the Dhaka Project Guest House and we loved it. It was more than we expected; cozy, very good space, hot water, AC (this is mandatory for me of course =P ) and very clean. As soon as our bags were in the apartment, we were off for a tour around the Dhaka Project, while Maria and her team explained to us how it all started from 2 small houses and where they’ve reached now. Now they tommy hilfiger uk have 2 schools, one that is divided through different areas (all close by) and is called the TDP (The Dhaka Project) School and it caters for 150 students. The other, which is one big building, called the Emirates Airlines Foundation School, which caters for 450 students. Not bad huh !

That was Phase 1 of the day. In Phase 2, Maria her team took us around the slums of Dhaka where they had found the kids who are students in their schools now. Honestly you should just see the slums! It was so interesting to see. Very interesting, especially to me. I love visiting these places, absorbing the surroundings and imagining the different lifestyles that are being led in our world today. The conditions that these families and children live in, it’s just crazy and to see where and how Maria her team have brought in, not only their children, but their families too, to the project is simply great. They take care of them all and it’s lovely to see and imagine the future of these kids. Giving them education, knowledge and the confidence needed to start their lives and the opportunity chance to become doctors, engineers, pilots, navy personnel, etc is just great to see.

By the end of the day we had to visit the Special Burn Unit Plastic Surgery Hospital. Seeing the poor conditions that the burnt patients were living in, I don’t want to even know how they perform plastic surgery (and this was supposedly the best hospital around)! We started giving the patients some blankets and some stuffed toys booklets for the burnt kids. At least for most of them we could see that we got their minds off their pain for at least a couple of minutes and that was definitely worth it.

Maaaaan we were tired. We hadn’t slept well for 2 days. We actually slept around 3 hrs, which was in the plane, other than that, NO. After purchasing the paints we come back to the old school where is doing more face paintings. Sooo, we start painting the old school outer wall, while is doing her face paints. We get each student available to paint on the wall and write what they want to be and place one hand print next to it using the color of their choice. The statement would say “I will be a .”; we got a lot of pilots surprisingly (I’m guessing the influence came from Ma tommy hilfiger uk ria, who works in Emirates Airlines actually =P ), other than that there were dr.’s, engineers, etc. The idea was Maria’s, who wanted the kids to believe in what they want to be and imprint their goals in their minds from this young age, which I thought is a great idea.