tommy hilfiger uk The Diaper Bag ConspiracyO

The Diaper Bag Conspiracy

One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was to start looking for a diaper bag. Shallow, I KNOW. But I love handbags and had always thought I have a super cute diaper bag. The more I looked around, the more I began to feel like I was being duped. Is tommy hilfiger uk it just me, or are diaper bags REALLY JUST BIG PURSES least the cute ones, anyway)?

As far as I can tell, unless you are getting some hideous thing with Winnie the Pooh on it, the only things that “diaper” bags really boast are waterproof interiors, lots of pockets (sometimes), stroller clips (sometimes) and matching changing pads.

I have semi collected Longchamp Le Pliage bags for the past few years and have two that are large enough to serve as diaper bags. I almost 100% certain I going to use one of these instead of buying something new. One reason is that I love how they look and how durable they are, and the price is right (free for the ones I already have, reasonable to buy a new one down the line if I want another color.

Also, the only “diaper” bag I really love so far is this Burberry one that is EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS OMG:Are we forgetting that this bag main purpose is to haul around something that someone is going to POOP IN?

Anyway, the Le Pliage bags do have waterproof interiors, but lack the other things I mentioned above. I not worried about pockets, because I usually carry several small pouches in my bags to seperate things, and will continue to do this. The changing pad I know I can find on its own and I could care less if it matches. The necessity of stroller clips is questionable, in my mind, because the stroller I picked out has plenty of room to throw the bag underneath.

So to all you moms out there: does this sound like a reasonable plan, or I missing something and really do need a “diaper” bag?

I love, love, love my petunia pickle bottom shoulder bag. I tried to use my longchamp for a while, and it just didn work for me. I wanted something that had p tommy hilfiger uk ockets to store bottles upright and in the beginning you just going to carry so much stuff (I heard it called the first child syndrome). And I hated keeping the bag under the stroller, it just a pain and easier to hang from the stroller and keep everything handy.

I got the petunia bag on ruelala for about $100. Just wanted to let you know my thoughts!!

You can most definitely use the Le Pliage. You can get a case for your diapers and wipes (or I could just buy one for you because I know where to get really cute ones), and keep a large ziploc storage bag with a spare change of clothes to use when sweet Danny soils himself. Wait, your child won make messes, right? :) Then you can put the dirty ones in the ziploc and just toss them in the laundry when you get home and then throw away the offending plastic bag. This is what I did and it worked wonderfully. If you need more compartments, just get other zippered pouches to put in there with baby supplies: diaper cream, fingernail clippers, hand sanitizer, etc.

You not missing anything. cheap). Then I bought one that we do use, but it not cute. I do like the 2 diaper pouches, the changing pad sleeve (so you always know where it is), the 2 bot tommy hilfiger uk tle pockets and the exterior pockets. (I have serious issues with the lack of pockets/separators in purses and bags, as it is. I don want a 20 gallon tote with on tommy hilfiger uk ly 2 pockets! I digress.) Anyhow, all that to tell you you completely reasonable with your way of thinking.

Sounds like you being very reasonable about the whole thing. I had a fancy schmancy diaper bag for my first, and ended up using the one the hospital gave me. With my second, I switched between a smaller microfiber diaper bag that I got at Target and a large tote/purse that wasn a diaper bag at all. I would recommend if you choose to go with a non diaper bag diaper bag, that you pick up a small bottle holder. They usually hold two bottles and are waterproof and sometimes insulated. This will also help with the waterproof lining issue. Good luck! :)