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The Diaper Bag Review

Are you looking for that perfect diaper bag to tote around all your baby essentials? There are several things tommy hilfiger uk you must consider when searching for the best diaper bag you can find that you will be happy with. There are as many types out there as there are styles. You must consider your needs first. There are the backpack, and stroller types to suit your fancy if you are always on the go. Then there are those with stripes, or cutsey figures, and in every color you can imagine. Just like everyone else, you want something practical, that looks great, and is inexpensive. Here we will look at some of the best diaper bags for cheap, because buying inexpensive diaper bags should be a fun enjoyable experience, and your baby will appreciate all of his needs at your fingertips. My personal favorite is the Baby Sac tote style diaper bag found at JC Penney’s. It looks fashionable and best of all, it is spacious enough to tote all those extra things you just might need. It comes in a set that includes large and small bags, and a folding changing pad for under $40.00. It can be purchased online and in stores. The only downfall I found is that there never seems to be enough pockets, yet thats always my complaint with all my personal handbags too! But if you are just looking for something practical, that looks good, and has lots of room then this is the diaper bag worth looking into, literally.

Now what about diaper bags for dad? Tuttibella has some cool man diaper bags for the hip dads out there. Diaper Dude has some great features dads will like. Its made of durable nylon and has a wide, adjustable strap. There are three pockets for easy access to bibs, food, and more, and it also has an elasticized bottle pocket. They also claim that it has inner zippered pockets, and a special wet/dry diaper pouch, but they don’t show any photo’s viewing the inside. These are the inner pockets I wish my own diaper bag had. The Diaper Dude even has key clips and a cell phone pocket. No excuses to forget his phone! It comes in color choices of navy blue, black, and grey and you can get this for under $60.00 at Tuttibella’s online.

JJ Cole has some nice designer, inexpensive diaper bags and accessories for the fashionable mom. They even have pods in various styles for pacifiers, and for diapers and wipes. I especially like their Mode Tote Bag because it features three carrying options, including two tote straps, a removable padded shoulder strap, and stroller attachments. My own diaper bag doesn’t have straps large enough to hang over my stroller handle, a feature I wish I had many times. For what this designer diaper bag offers, I consider it a good buy at under $60.00.

I love this Peek A Boo backpack diaper bag by Sugar Booger . It is sold online at Babies R Us for just under $35.00. It has overall great customer reviews with the main complaint of being too small for a couple moms. The product description states this, “With a compact yet roomy design that is perfect for those quick trips to the grocery store, this Peek a Boo Backpack Diaper Bag from Sugar Booger comes with a padded 21″ x 15″ diaper changing pad and a removable extras tote to keep track of all the small stuff for you. Made from nearly indestructible 600 denier nylon canvas, the bag features adjustable shoulder straps, dual bottle/cell phone exterior pockets, an inside zipper pocket and heavy duty nylon zippers. Measuring 12″ x 12″ x 4″, the bag is machine washable”. I just think this is the must have for those moms who may not need to take along the entire nursery, but want their hands free to do other things, like tending the baby.

Here’s a stylish yet practical inexpensive diaper bag made by C tommy hilfiger uk alifornia Innovations. Its called the Columbia Vertical Glide. It is sleek and streamlined (not bulky), yet a very practical diaper bag that works esp tommy hilfiger uk ecially well for older tots. It has excellent customer reviews. It is lightweight and roomier than you would expect because its expandable. It features a thermal bottle pocket, as well as other pockets for small items. It is PVC and lead free. This diaper bag comes with a changing mat and seperate dirty diaper pouch. This stylish diaper bag can be purchased from Babies R us for under $45.00.

So no matter what your needs may be, there are inexpensive diaper bags out there for everyone, including dads. Hopefully this guide will help give you some insight into which type and style of diaper bag is best for you and your baby’s needs. Enjoy your diaper bag, because you’re going to carry it with you for a long time.

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