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The Difference Between Composted and Dehydrated Cow Manure

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysManure has a relatively low nutrient content compared to other chemi tommy hilfiger uk cal fertilizers. The nutrient content is expressed in three numbers somewhere on the bag. It may say something like “2 1 1.” These numbers stand for N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K (potassium). These are the primary nutrients that plants need to grow. But manure adds something else: organic matter. Chemical fertilizers don’t add any org tommy hilfiger uk anic matter to your soil. Organic matter fuels the biological activity in soil that indirectly feeds plants. tommy hilfiger uk So despite the low numbers, manure is an excellent fertilizer.A good rule of thumb is to use 1 lb. of composted cow manu tommy hilfiger uk re per square foot of garden bed. Another guideline would be to spread as much as an inch of manure over the entire surface of a new garden bed, whereas an established one could get by with only 1/4 to 1/2 inch. If the plants you are growing are very demanding of nitrogen, such as corn, squash, cabbage or potatoes, err on the side of too much. Flowers and perennials don’t need much at all: too much nitrogen will make them produce a lot of foliage and fewer blooms. Use a smaller amount, if you have dehydrated manure, as it is more concentrated. Simply sprinkle it over the surface of the soil.