tommy hilfiger uk The Difference Between Eye Puf

The Difference Between Eye Puffiness Eye Bags

Bags are created as t tommy hilfiger uk he skin stretches and sags due to loss of muscle tone, and fat accumulates beneath the eye socket. Retro orbital or fat pockets naturally surround the eyes, protecting them from bumps and bruises. Bags under the eyes are also called blepharochalasis, most often seen under the lower eyelid. Michael Bermant, a American board certified plastic surgeon. However, eye bags are most commonly caused by an accumulation of fluid beneath the lower eyelid. For eye puffiness, cold compresses placed over tommy hilfiger uk th tommy hilfiger uk e eyes may help reduce the appearance of swollen or sagging skin following mild pressure for several minutes. tommy hilfiger uk Allergy medications may also help relieve some puffiness or swelling around the eyes, suggests CNN Health. Tapping the upper and lower eyelids can help displace the fluid and reduce puffiness and swelling, as can moistened tea bags placed on closed eyelids for about 15 minutes.